WiFi Messaging for IoT
Axon V.1

Axon is a tiny board that allows devices to communicate wirelessly via serial messages. It includes a wireless serial port and 4 digital outputs.

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Qortex IoT Axon device
Qortex IoT Axon Pinout

Axon offers a WiFi serial port, and 4 digital pins

Use the WiFi serial port (TX and RX) to send serial messages over the internet to anywhere, to anything that is connected to Axon. 4 digital outputs are available for controlling lights, motors, relays, etc...

WiFi serial messages

Send serial messages over internet. Use it as a chat tool for devices.

4 x Digital pins

Axon provides 4 digital output pins for controlling anything (relays, leds, devices).

Secure connection

Your data is safe. We use a data hashing algorithm to ensure no one can listen to your devices.

Qortex IoT
Qortex IoT

Real-time messaging made for IoT

Enable two-way wireless communication for any device that speaks serial.

Qortex IoT
Qortex IoT

Made for connecting devices together worldwide

Now your Arduino can say "hi" to a Teensy located in Alaska. We created Openspace, a place to share your real-time data with other Axon connected devices.

Openspace Public devices map

Connect and receive serial data from sensors, Arduino's, Rpi's or any UART based device.

Qortex IoT
Qortex IoT

For makers, scientists and developers

Example documentation for interfacing with MATLAB, Python and Arduino. Create charts, predict data or control your lights whenever you get "on" messages from your Raspberry Pi. The possibilities are endless.

Qortex IoT




What you get

  • 1 x Axon V1
  • 1 x Free Messaging Platform
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